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Renting a luxury yacht in the city known for its stunning beaches and luxurious resorts is just a matter of a few clicks with VIP Dhow Cruise UAE. We pride ourselves on being the first choice of people for Dubai Yacht Rental anywhere in Dubai for their private events, parties, and special occasions. Yacht party in Dubai is one of the best ways to make your vacations extra fun and memorable whilst having a luxurious experience that you’ll never find so easily available anywhere else.

Immerse in the beauty of Dubai’s magical coastal views and stunning marine environment to experience Dubai like never before. Our luxury yachts are equipped with advanced features to provide you with maximum comfort and unmatched pleasure. Have a carefree time surrounded by the stunning views of Jumeirah beaches or experience the tranquility of the deep oceans by renting a yacht with us anywhere in Dubai.

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Our Dubai Yacht Rental Packages

Check out our multiple packages for yacht rental in Dubai with the most affordable rates tailored according to your demands and book your luxury yacht now!

33Ft Luxury Yacht

33Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 350/hour

Capacity: 8 People

37Ft Luxury Yacht

37Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 400/hour

Capacity: 10 People

42Ft Luxury Yacht

42Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 450/hour

Capacity: 12 People

45Ft Luxury Yacht

45Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 500/hour

Capacity: 15 People

50Ft Luxury Yacht

50Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 550/hour

Capacity: 20 People

55Ft Luxury Yacht

55Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 600/hour

Capacity: 22 People

70Ft Luxury Yacht

70Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 850/hour

Capacity: 25 People

75Ft Luxury Yacht

75Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 950/hour

Capacity: 30 People

80Ft Luxury Yacht

80Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 1000/hour

Capacity: 35 People

90Ft Luxury Yacht

90Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 1499/hour

Capacity: 55 People

100Ft Luxury Yacht

100Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 2900/hour

Capacity: 90 People

100Ft Luxury Yacht (80pax)

100Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 2000/hour

Capacity: 80 People

101Ft Luxury Yacht

101Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 3000/hour

Capacity: 50 People

110Ft Luxury Yacht

110Ft Luxury Yacht

AED 3500/hour

Capacity: 100 People

Why Choose Us for Boat Rental in Dubai?

VIP Dhow Cruise UAE provides the best competitive prices for yacht rentals in Dubai. Our luxury Dubai yacht rental packages are designed to provide you with the best yacht experience in Dubai combined with mesmerizing views of Dubai’s some of the most iconic tourist attractions. Our talented staff is trained to fulfill the special requests of any visitor to maximize your comfort. We pay our undivided attention to every minor detail in order to curate an unforgettable yachting experience for you and meet all your expectations. We offer you a wide range of boating options from luxury yacht charters with in-house crew, small and large sailing boats, and motor yachts, to rental yachts, you can choose what suits you best. People choose us for our; 

Quick and reliable service of VIP dhow cruise dubai

Quality yacht team

Our trained waiters, hostesses, and in-house DJ will make your yachting experience better.

Affordable pricing and packages of Dhow cruise dubai creek

Well-maintained fleet

Our vessels are equipped with advanced features to meet quality standards.

Impressive quality

Attentive customer care

Our customer care team is available 24/7 at your service to provide you with quick and smooth procedures.

Activities on Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

Yacht rental Dubai Marina is a unique way of experiencing the scenic beauty of Dubai Marina from the warmth of the Arabian waters. From the distance, you can spot an enormous man-made island, Palm Jumeirah or you can peek into the extravagant views of Dubai’s renowned resort, Atlantis, the Palm. With Dubai Yacht rental, you can sail through the marine wonders of Dubai with an ultimate luxury experience. Dubai Yacht rental is ideal for hosting private parties, corporate gatherings, intimate events, and family get-togethers. Experience a romantic sunset, indulge in a day full of water sports, spend your leisure fishing, host an intimate dinner, or dance your night away, there’s something fun for everyone on a yacht. Some onboard amenities on our luxury yachts to make your time extra fun include;

Moments on VIP Dhow Cruise UAE Yacht Charter

Make your yacht party in Dubai Unforgettable

Dive deep into a refreshing experience like no other and Sail through the picturesque coastline of Dubai Marina to capture a lifetime’s worth of memories. With VIP Dhow Cruise UAE you can choose to rent a luxury yacht to set yourself on the waves of joy and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!

Reservations for Dubai Yacht Rental

Browse our various packages tailored according to your demands and requirements available on our website and book your luxury yacht now. Inform us about your special occasions beforehand to get customized theme decorations and arrangements. To secure our best-selling packages, confirm your reservations in advance before they are sold out. You can mention your special requests and add-ons at the time of reservation. Check our cancellation fee section for all your cancellation-related concerns.

Special Occasions and Events

Yacht Rental Dubai serves the purpose of hosting all your special events and makes them extra special by adding the charm of Dubai’s unmatched scenic beauty in the background. VIP Dhow Cruise offers you several rental options, including boat rental in Dubai, romantic yacht cruises, yacht party in Dubai, and fashion photo shoots with the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Hotel as backdrops. With our special rental yachts you can;

Special occasions and events on Dubai yacht rentals


With VIP Dhow Cruise UAE you can rent a luxury yacht for as low as AED 350/per hour.

Each yacht rental package includes different facilities and basic amenities are included in most yachts. However, it’s crucial to carefully read package details before making a booking.

Safety measures for rental yachts in Dubai include built-in safety features of the yacht, professional qualifications of the crew, and the emergency response procedures in place.

Canceling and rescheduling is subject to the availability of yachts. You can check our cancellation fees section to have a detailed overview of our cancellation and rescheduling policies.

We offer a variety of yachts, including luxury yachts, catamarans, and party boats, catering to different group sizes and preferences.

Yes, we provide catering services ranging from light snacks to full-course meals. Special dietary requests can be accommodated with advance notice.

In most cases, outside food and beverages are allowed, but it’s essential to confirm this with our team when making your reservation. Some yachts may have specific policies.

Yes, children are welcome on our yachts, and we can provide life jackets for their safety. We recommend informing us in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements.

It’s recommended to book your yacht rental well in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred date and yacht model.